Rueda in the Park - 4th Anniversary Beach Party

On Sunday Rueda in the Park (RITP) celebrated its fourth anniversary by having a potluck and party at the Santa Monica beach. While the actual anniversary date is actually this coming Sunday, it was held a week early so as not to conflict with the Oxnard Salsa festival. The party had good food, a lot of dancing and a preview performance by the RITP performance troupe, Casineros con Ache. I remember joining the RITP gang in 2005 about 7 months after the group started. At that time I remembered it was at most 4 to 5 couples showing up and we were dancing on the grass at Griffith Park. Since then through the tireless efforts of our founder, Tania, and with some help from her friends, RITP now boasts three chapters (Griffith Park, Bellfower and Santa Clarita) which each regularly have about 12 to 15 couples.. Tania has also grown in her own right as an instructor here on the West Coast teaching the past two years at the Palm Springs Salsa Congress. RITP with the help of other Rueda groups in LA (Rueda4fun, Yossi’s group etc.) has most definitely popularized Rueda de Casino in Los Angeles. RITP is a great group and all skills levels are welcomed even if you have never danced salsa (any style) before. For more information on classes check out the RITP website, and hope to see you there soon.

Kewl-Raul has pics here
Preview Performance by Casineros con Ache

Swithced Rueda, Guys Following, Girls Leading.


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  1. Mama

    That is awesome! What a great anniversary! You know I’ve been in contact with a guy from Peru who lived in LA and has taken Rueda in the Park back to Lima. Now if only we could get it going here in DC!

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